Wax Crack

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Wax Crack melts are handmade with a proprietary blend of soy wax and paraffin wax that will give you a long lasting scent throw.

Packaged in Tin Tie lined resealable bakery bags.

Here are the scent selections:

Candied Violets & Lemon Sugar Cookie - A blend of warm baked lemon sugar cookies and sugar dusted violets and sandalwood.

Confetti Corn Spoon Bread - rainbow corn, creamy buttery spoon batter bread with heavy Cream and sugar.

Boozy Marshmallow Cake Pops – Marshmallow filled Angel Food cake doused in bourbon, then dipped in confectionary sugar.

Calypso- Goddess of the Sea - a dreamy essence of waterlilies, mandarin, musk, cashmere vanilla and seaweed, driftwood, salty winds, sandalwood, frankincense and amber.

Mere - the demeanor of Marsali is an extremely determined and strong girl, who grows into loving young mother…the blend reminiscent of warm porridge, vanilla, citrus, beeswax candles, musk and starched linen.

Gallowglass - A blend of bracing fresh Mint and watery sea kelp, and full of salty air and driftwood.

Besos Del Sol - Warm and luscious is the best way to describe our "Kisses of Sun" Just a pure rich scent of sweet, amber-colored honey.

Little Witch - energizing potion of sage, soft mint, lavender, black tea and elder flowers.

Monet - Watery musk & Orange blossoms. It evokes the feeling of coming into a cool museum on a white hot summer day. Fresh, clean, beautiful.

Moroccan Mint – Relaxation meets focus. Earl Grey Tea, Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Bella Bohemienne – Means “beautiful gypsy girl” exotic notes of saffron, amber and frankincense with fig, sage & tobacco rose. Incredibly feminine, exotic & unique.

Dragonfly - A warm, sweet woody amber vanilla, bergamot, bay leaf patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, clove, with rich notes of ambergris, balsam fir, cedar and sandalwood. Jamie and Claire’s relationship much like the dragonfly suspended in amber, is suspended in time.

Pink Beach Bungalow – Pink sand and sea mist carry the heady scents of a tropical destination. Coconut, black currant, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine will take you away.

Velvet & Violets - A romantic blend of violets, amber and a hint of vanilla.

Earth & Sky – Striking combination of soothing lavender and herbs with a hint of vanilla. A little bit of heaven on earth.

Elderflower Gin & Tonic – effervescent Ginger, juniper berries, peppercorns, splashed with the essence of Elderflowers.

Banana Fleur - blend of ripened bananas, sweet pineapple, aldehydic rose, velvety violets, white orchids, and black currants. exotic teakwood surrounded by rich spices of cardamom, sandalwood, and patchouli. *** If you are not a fan of patchouli better skip this one, its heavy on the Patchouli.