Wax Crack


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Blackberry Bordeaux Cookie - Butter cookie, blackberry, raspberries, cassis, dark cherry, vanilla, bourbon and coffee beans.

Voo Doo Praline Cookie - Aroma of rich caramel, pecans, butterscotch brulee, molasses and warm fresh cookies, YUM!!

Raspberry Boom Boom - Raspberries, white cake, cream cheese, rose, apples and amber.

Wax Crack melts are handmade with a proprietary blend of soy wax and paraffin wax that will give you a long lasting scent throw.

Instructions:Use only in approved melters designed for wax tarts. Break piece of wax crack in warmer do not over fill. -


  • Blackberry Bordeaux Cookie
  • Voo Doo Praline Cookie
  • Raspberry Boom Boom


Image of Wax Crack Image of Wax Crack