Red Poppy

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Image of Red Poppy

6-7 oz

Our Ancient series is rustic, romantic and dreamed up from somewhere in my imagination.
I sculpt and pipe all my embeds by hand using either the cold or hot process method.
All contain some form of botanical along with beeswax and goats milk.
This series is meant to evoke aesthetically my artistic interpretation of times long past.

Scented with Intoxicating orange blossoms, brightened with sparkling citrus notes. For a very lovely, Feminine and uplifting aroma.

They arrive wrapped in a layer of unbleached, 100% biodegradable food grade parchment paper. Then wrapped in cheesecloth and sealed with our signature wax seal.

Ingredients: Water, Cream, Greek Yogurt, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive, Castor, Coconut, Avocado, and Palm oils. Enriched with Organic Cocoa butter. Fragrance, Colorant, ground Calendula petals, Tussah Silk and Poppy Seeds.


Image of Red Poppy